First Party Data, The Key to Success

(To view the full video, please click here.  Video transcript from a HEDNA Data & Analytics session.)

Guest speaker: Leura M, VP of Product at Revinate

Transcribed by Ana Cachon, Sales Manager – Distribution at NH Hotel Group


What is first party data?

It´s information a company collects directly from its customers.

  • First party date: (email, name, phone number)
  • Third party data: in this case we are talking about the information that is coming through your “cookies”, internet history, let’s say your behavior.

In the hotel industry one of the biggest goals should be to know your guest perfectly.  The more information you have, the more customization you can carry out.

Personalization is the strategy, and this is the key if you want to build a great trust between you and your guests. It would not make sense to receive offers or promotions about extra, service, destination or products that you would never consume. However, imagine a customized experience.  You will build a strong trust relationship with your guest.

What can you do? How, Where and What?

Below you will find the different stages in the booking cycle from the inspiration until post stay

  • Inspiration: this is the first contact
  • Research: this is a good opportunity to collect more information, website optimization
  • Booking: If your receive a direct booking through your IBE or if the guest are using the voice  channel, you need have a plan about key question to capture more information
  • Arrival & Stay: a lot of opportunities to communicate with your guest
  • Post Stay: here is your chance to know “how does it feel?”

What’s next? Now you collected the data…

In this stage it is important to know how to use the data.  The most important thing is to explore the data. You can play with your primary data and try to contact your future guest through their email, phone, this is a huge opportunity to learn about your guests preferences.

You will obtain more benefits in your campaigns (emailing f.i), the more personalized the offer.

More personalization

More specific in your communication        ⇒⇒  MORE VALUE

More interaction

At the end of the day, the most important thing is HUMAN INTERACTION.  Talking to them focuses on what they are interested in, how they want to be communicated and which channels.


  1. Optimize your website: capture information
  2. Collect Data: extract information about their preferences, interests
  3. Be strategy: marketing tools.

About the HEDNA Hotel Analytics Initiative
The Hotel Analytics Initiative raises awareness of the opportunities data analysis brings to optimize cost and conversion and thereby empower hoteliers to collect, store, analyze and action their data to make intelligent decisions about their distribution strategies. The group is currently co-chaired by Connie Marianacci at Accor and Anisha Yadav at Revinate. Click here to find out more and how to join HEDNA as a member.

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