HEDNA U is a comprehensive resource guide and knowledge bank for Distribution practices in Hospitality. HEDNA U is comprised of:

Instructional videos for on-demand learning

In-person educational content in a classroom setting

Printed materials and thought pieces


Informal Fireside Chats among professionals

Our Approach

With so much changing so rapidly, HEDNA has reengineered its educational content curation. We provide avenues and facilitate methods but rely on our membership (as the ultimate subject matter experts) to help us curate content, decide what is most important and where/how we should feature it. Our HEDNA Studio initiative is the ideal avenue to produce a variety of content. HEDNA U content is exclusively available to HEDNA Members.
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This video serves as an introductory guide to SWITCH Technology in Hotel Distribution. Viewers will gain insights into the technology’s background, its evolution over time, and its contemporary applications within Hotel Distribution. (Speakers: Christine Updegraff and Lina Rotchadl.)

Watch our Introduction to Switch »

This video offers a glimpse into diverse career opportunities within the realm of Hotel Distribution. (Speakers: Dave Kolankarai and Martin Elek.)Watch the Discussion with RateGain »

Our GDS content modules offer a look into the world of GDS – from glossary terms to instructional overviews. This information is brought to you by our partner, Travelport.Watch Our GDS Module From Travelport »

This module focuses on optimizing revenue. It looks at what technologies can be deployed, how to maximize channel efficiency, and increase bookings.Watch our Revenue Management Module »

Access HEDNA U content in a variety of ways

Attendees at our global distribution conferences have access to HEDNA U modules on Education Monday.

Sessions are available at select networking events during the year.

Following the guest journey from dreaming to payment

The HEDNA U curriculum has been completely redesigned to provide the highest quality learning experience that will keep you at the cutting edge of our industry. Our new modules follow the guest journey from booking to payment.

Training for Your Team

With our global network of subject matter experts who serve as our HEDNA U instructors, we have the ability to bring training sessions to your location. With options for hosting education sessions that are open to the community or private for your team, contact us to find out more about this opportunity.