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HEDNA University (HEDNA U) is a training program developed to provide hospitality professionals opportunities to learn about the fundamentals of distribution. Whether you are new to the industry, or have focused on a specific aspect of distribution and want a better understanding of the big picture, HEDNA U has educational content for you.

HEDNA U helps you understand the impact of industry trends and technology and provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to navigate the distribution challenges of tomorrow. The curriculum is reviewed and updated throughout the year to accommodate the dynamic landscape of distribution in hospitality.

Distributing Knowledge

To address the need for expert educational resources, HEDNA has developed HEDNA University, a series of live classroom seminars and a companion online program

HEDNA U 101-102: Introduction to Distribution

An introductory level discussion of basic components of hospitality distribution.

HEDNA U 201: Distribution Marketing and Management

With all aspects of the guest journey, hoteliers and third party channels will need to assess the effectiveness of content delivery and channels. This session aims to provide a framework to assess assignment of resources.

HEDNA U 202: Guest Engagement Throughout

There are a series of critical steps in the guest journey. Understand how to better engage with the guest before, during and after the booking, including upselling, rate shopping, and measurement. This session looks at how hoteliers can best offer the right room at the right price at the right time, as well as how to upsell ancillary products, enhance the guest experience, encourage while on property and encourage repeat visits.

HEDNA U 203: Revenue Management

This session covers the importance of revenue management in the overall distribution landscape. Revenue management is the critical element that addresses the need for data driven occupancy and pricing forecasts to maximize revenue.

HEDNA U 204: Emerging and Managing Markets

This session provides guidance to hoteliers on how to manage the various distribution channels in an effective manner to maximize profitability. The course looks at traditional as well as upstart distribution channels and provides insights as to their inclusion in strategic business development.

HEDNA U 205: Payments

With an impressive distribution strategy, a hotel could maximize all components of hospitality distribution but without the flexibility of guest payment types, the benefit of all other actions is diminished. This session looks at the current and changing payment landscape for both guest focused transactions as well as third party bookings

Access HEDNA U content in a variety of ways

Attendees at our global distribution conferences have access to HEDNA U modules on Education Monday.

Sessions are available at select networking events during the year.

Following the guest journey from dreaming to payment

The HEDNA U curriculum has been completely redesigned to provide the highest quality learning experience that will keep you at the cutting edge of our industry. Our new modules follow the guest journey from booking to payment.

Training for Your Team

With our global network of subject matter experts who serve as our HEDNA U instructors, we have the ability to bring training sessions to your location. With options for hosting education sessions that are open to the community or private for your team, contact us to find out more about this opportunity.