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Delving Into Distribution - Live Classroom Training

For those who have mastered the basics of electronic distribution, HEDNA U 2.0 delivers an advanced level of exploration. The course consists of six modules. Up to three modules are covered in a one-day session.


Members: US$199
Non-Members: US$249
Fee includes morning coffee and networking lunch.

Companies enrolling three or more registrants in the same HEDNA U class are eligible for a discounted rate. Student rates are available for member and non-member educational institutions. Contact info@hedna.org for more information.

Course Modules:
  • TRANSACTIONS & FUNCTIONALITY: Gain a better understanding of how things work behind the screen. Learn the fundamentals of transactions and functionality, including what affects system performance and how to fine-tune your practices.

  • CONTENT: Hoteliers manage a variety of content through various departments on a daily basis. Learn about the different types of content and best practices for inter-departmental content management.

  • EMERGING CHANNELS: Emerging channels evolve rapidly. Some are embraced quickly while others develop slowly or disappear altogether. Learn about emergents and how to evaluate the value of a channel for your business.

  • REVENUE & CHANNEL MANAGEMENT: Explore the multi-faceted discipline of revenue management and learn how to apply it to diverse channels that often seem to have a life of their own.

  • ELECTRONIC ADVERTISING: Online marketing opportunities continue to proliferate. Learn the basics of electronic advertising as you examine the options, optimal timing and placement, and measures to take to drive results.

  • PAYMENTS: As the payment world evolves and new markets open up we've seen a transition from cash to vouchers to cards... now we have "virtual currencies" and more. Learn about what's new out there now, what's coming and how our industry should prepare.

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