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Electronic distribution is one key to a hotelier's success. The smooth running of behind-the-scenes operations helps to turn a hotel guest into a satisfied customer, contributing to the bottom line. To run an effective electronic distribution department, staffers need to understand how electronic distribution works. To address the need for education in this area, HEDNA has developed a seminar on hotel electronic distribution called HEDNA U.

HEDNA U 1.0 covers the history and workings of electronic distribution. Hotels and other travel companies are sending their employees to HEDNA U 1.0 to gain understanding of the hows and whys of the industry.

HEDNA U 1.0 Online- take HEDNA U 1.0 from the comfort of your home or office! Click here to learn more.

HEDNA U 2.0 takes a deeper look at some of the topics covered in HEDNA U 1.0 and explores more advanced subjects. HEDNA U 2.0 consists of six modules: Transactions & Functionality, Content, Emerging Channels, Revenue & Channel Management, Electronic Advertising, and Payments.

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