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HEDNA U 1.0, Introduction to Distribution

How does electronic distribution work? Find out at HEDNA U.

HEDNA University 1.0 is now available as an online course! Click here to learn more.

Electronic distribution is one key to a hotelier's success. The smooth running of behind-the-scenes operations helps to turn a hotel guest into a satisfied customer, contributing to the bottom line. To run an effective electronic distribution department, staffers need to understand how electronic distribution works.

To address the need for education in this area, HEDNA has developed a seminar on hotel electronic distribution called HEDNA U.

Who should attend HEDNA U 1.0?
  • Anyone new to the industry

  • Experienced professionals who need a refresher

  • Anyone who may not be involved in day-to-day electronic distribution, but needs a fundamental understanding about it

HEDNA U 1.0 covers the history and workings of electronic distribution. Hotels and other travel companies are sending their employees to HEDNA U 1.0 to gain understanding of the hows and whys of the industry.

HEDNA's full-day seminar addresses the following:
  • How the electronic distribution system functions

  • How the Internet has opened up electronic distribution and changed its dynamics

  • How Facebook, Twitter and other social media impacts electronic distribution

  • AND how can you use mobile technology to your best advantage

HEDNA U is designed to be an interactive experience for attendees. Q&A and discussion are encouraged by the instructors.

Agenda: Download the sample agenda.


HEDNA Members - $299 USD

Non-Members - $399 USD

Registration includes morning coffee and a networking lunch.

Student rates available for member and non-member educational institutions. Contact info@hedna.org.

Send your team and get a discount! Companies sending 3 or more registrants, are eligible for a discounted rate. Contact HEDNA at info@hedna.org

Visit the Calendar to see upcoming HEDNA U 1.0 sessions. 

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