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CONTENT: Hoteliers manage a variety of content through various departments on a daily basis. Learn about the different types of content and best practices for inter-departmental content management.

REVENUE & CHANNEL MANAGEMENT: Revenue and channel management is increasingly coupled with distribution, and should be, for maximum optimization. Explore the fundamentals of the multi-faceted discipline of revenue management and learn how to apply it to diverse channels that often seem to have a life of their own.

ELECTRONIC ADVERTISING: Online marketing opportunities continue to proliferate. Learn the basics of electronic advertising as you examine the options, optimal timing and placement, and measures to take to drive results.

The session will be taught by: FRED BEAN, President & CEO, REBEL Travel Corporation

Metasearch is a driving force in hotel distribution & marketing. This rapidly changing channel is complex in terms of connectivity, content, pricing & marketing. With proper attention to best practices you can turn potential liabilities into opportunities for all parties concerned. Join us for a Pre-Conference Interactive Workshop on Metasearch to further master, debate, and explore all aspects of the meta search landscape with like-minded colleagues and stakeholders.

This workshop will dive deep into available technologies, automation possibilities, and best practices around onboarding and maintaining property and product level information.

So many hotel reservations begin with a search on Google, Bing, or a similar website. Achieving a first or second page search engine screen ranking is vitally important to a hotel's prosperity. It demands that a hotel develop and operate an effective SEM program.

Today "sponsored" results look increasingly like "organic" results. How does the fact that the majority of the real estate on the Google results page is now being taken up by sponsored results - often from our OTA partners - influence a hotel's SEM Strategy?

Search Engine Marketing opportunities and techniques evolve continuously. Clearly, optimal SEM strategy is no longer purely about the price of a bid. In the urgency to apply SEM, there are more issues to consider than ever before. New Google initiatives, SEM integration with metasearch advertising, and the role of affiliate networks are just three of many such issues.

Network Lunch

The group continues to work on identifying future industry best practices in hotel payments. The primary topics include direct and third party sales, B2B payments from OTAS and other entities, commission payments and currency optimization.

Mobile technology acts as a conduit to advancement of electronic distribution. Once seen as separate business processes, new emphasis is placed on the integration of mobile innovation to provide hoteliers with a winning edge to grow their business. Opportunities are emerging both from a supplier as well as internal hotel perspective to work together to achieve business goals. What are the new technologies out there and how can you use them to your advantage? This workshop will be a collaborative approach to mobile innovation where you get to fine tune your mobile perspective and have a change to shape the future.

With the need for more effective management of content - across a growing number of channels - it is essential that content be created, filtered and distributed to effectively market a property and a brand. The solution is not only about establishing standards but in new thinking about how content is created, stored, distributed and consumed.

Join some of the industry's leaders, including Amadeus, Fairmont, DHISCO and h2c, as they share the charter of HEDNA's new Content Working Group. Members are encouraged to attend the session, learn the details of the charter, discuss the content issues that impact all of us, and contribute to the content strategies needed to meet today's web-based, mobile-based consumer demands.

This session is for new HEDNA members as well as first time conference attendees.

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Networking Breakfast

The HEDNA Café will provide complimentary espresso beverages to conference attendees to make networking more comfortable during the conference.

HEDNA's President, Rajesh Vohra, will provide an introduction to HEDNA Berlin.
Rajesh Vohra, Sales & Marketing Director, Sarova Hotels.

Jonathan MacDonald will help the hotel community expand thought around the potential of technology, the shaping of society and the readiness of business, all of which are constantly influenced by fast-paced, relentless change. This thought expansion inspires a deeper understanding of the hotel industry's challenges and opportunities, enabling hoteliers to utilize knowledge to explore what the future could look like, and whether they are building the future hotel industry as the one they want to live in.

Hotel distribution, like our conference host city of Berlin itself, is a business discipline marked by constant evolution and transformation. New and emerging consumer and industry technologies, guest expectations, business strategies, market forces, and organization strategies create a compelling and essential need for hotel distribution to continue to evolve and transform.

In a Q1 2016 industry research study commissioned by HEDNA and conducted by Atmosphere Research, almost four in five HEDNA Principal Members view mobile as a strategically important channel. Nearly 75% believe that within two years they will use a new distribution channel that doesn't currently exist. Almost half believe that within three years, distribution and marketing functions will merge.

This must-attend session will use both HEDNA's own research and Atmosphere's other data to offer a compelling vision into the future of hotel distribution. We will learn more about the various factors driving the need to evolve and transform what is needed for distribution to remain relevant to our various stakeholders, and we will need to do to contribute to our organizations' success amidst this newest wave of transformation.

Networking Break
Disruptors: Challenges for Distribution
Moderator: Henry Harteveldt

Distribution and Revenue Management - the RMS Supplier Perspective

Distribution and Revenue Management are now inextricably linked. Revenue Management now drives many, possibly most, Electronic Distribution decisions. As part of this embrace of Revenue Management we see hotel groups and individual properties increasingly installing Revenue Management Systems (RMS) to strengthen their RM programs. RMSs are now key components in our tool kits.

So, what do the suppliers of these increasingly important tools see happening in the hotel space? How do they view and how are they responding to our challenges- challenges that include maintaining rate parity, managing OTAs (and now metasearch) participation, calculating and factoring the cost of distribution into their decisions?


What impact do RMS developers see "big data" having on Revenue Management? How will the consolidation of hotel companies and the concurrent proliferation of hotel brands impact RMS recommendations? What steps are they taking to support revenue management beyond the division in hotels?


This session will bring senior representatives of the leading RMS suppliers to the HEDNA stage to discuss these topics and your questions.



While 2020 seems like a sci-fi movie concept, this visionary year will be here before we know it. In two 20 minute sessions, we will discuss two areas where we think we may see some significant changes by 2020. First, we will look at the role of direct sales through Next, we will consider how the hotel industry can increase profitability by creating a guest-centric payment strategy.

The last 12 months have witnessed unprecedented merger and acquisition throughout the distribution ecosystem. Hotel companies have merged or acquires, as have OTAs and reservation service suppliers. In some cases similar organizations have combined - hotel companies have bought hotel companies, OTAs bought OTAs, and representation companies have acquired other representation companies.


In other cases new business configurations have formed as hotel companies and OTAs acquired vacation rental groups, as OTAs, GDSs and hotel companies purchased PMA vendors, digital marketers and revenue management companies.


We often refer to this acquisition and merger activity as "consolidations" and wonder what might be its positive and negative impacts on us individually and on our industry as a whole.


A diverse panel of hoteliers, OTAs, service suppliers and consultants will attempt to answer these questions. We hope you will add your voice to this exciting conversation.

Networking Break

HEDNA's President, Rajesh Vohra, will provide an introduction to HEDNA Berlin.
Rajesh Vohra, Sales & Marketing Director, Sarova Hotels.

Micah Solomon is one of the world's leading authorities on customer service, company culture, and the customer experience. He's a bestselling author, a hands-on consultant, and a keynote speaker, and his books have been translated in more than a half-dozen languages and are the recipients of multiple awards.


Two of his books have been collaborations with and studies of the hospitality industry, including his upcoming book, The Heart of Hospitality, which includes contributions from leaders and practitioners in the hospitality industry. Micah is a regular contributor to and his expertise has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, CNBC, and the Harvard Business Review.


A business leader and entrepreneur himself, Micah built his own company into a market leader in the manufacturing and independent entertainment field and was also an early investor in the technology behind Apple's Siri.

Evening Event
Networking Breakfast

The HEDNA Café will provide complimentary espresso beverages to conference attendees to make networking more comfortable during the conference.

Gary Schwartz has played a key leadership role in the mobile industry since founding Impact Mobile, a mobile technology company specialized in retail and brand solutions, since 2002.  He is a pioneer in mobile marketing and managed the first cross-carrier short code mobile campaign in North America. In 2006 Gary founded the mobile committee for the Interactive Advertising Bureau, where he spearheaded the production of important industry resources such as the Mobile Buyer's Guide.

From small B&B's to large urban hotels, the majority of independent properties are self-sufficient, operating with little if any guidance from sales and marketing organizations or representation companies. With distribution costs on the rise, marketing decisions are becoming more complex. Consequently, more than ever, independents strive to improve their understanding of distribution and control the effectiveness of their marketing measures.  

Michaela Papenhoff will present major findings of the joint study, highlight the dynamics which drive the European independent lodging marketing. Key metrics across the five key European countries will be show, also providing an overview of general technology system adoption.

Michaela Papenhoff
Networking Break

The dynamics of the European hospitality landscape are as diverse as the region it serves. The language, currency, and cultural challenges of yesterday have given way to a business climate founded on new paradigms of social interaction, next generation technology, and daily events requiring quick reaction. What do these new paradigms mean to your business? What is the future of hospitality in this diverse region? This workshop will explore creative opportunities to increase distribution in an age of constant change.

GDS and Distributors
Networking Lunch
HEDNA Celebrates 25 Years

What is the future of hospitality and travel? What are the sweeping global societal, cultural and technology shifts underpinning and driving profound changes? How are innovation, disruptive technology, and data already removing traditional barriers and friction points in reshaping and delivering a better hospitality and travel experience? The sharing economy is just one of many examples of the transformation already underway and they are accelerating! How will these changes unfold and where will they lead us into the future?

Jim Pickell, President of, advisor, angel investor and frequent speaker on the future of travel and the sharing economy, reveals a compelling view of the future. He shares essential insights and critical information you and your business need to understand to evolve, compete and prosper as the world rapidly changes.

Jim Pickell, HomeExchange
Closing Reception
Spring Global Distribution Conference

Held in Europe in June; special focus on the Europe/Middle East/Asia region Learn More

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