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HEDNA is the only specialized Hotel Distribution forum in the industry, an association created by hoteliers for hoteliers and key partners and players. HEDNA brings hotel distribution knowledge together in one place. Its members share knowledge and best practices to make the most of hotel distribution technologies and to discuss new opportunities and trends. Amadeus is a keen supporter of HEDNA. HEDNA has helped to standardize some of our processes and more importantly, listening to HEDNA members allows us to better understand the challenges and needs that hoteliers face, and work towards enhancing our solutions to overcome these challenges and grow business together. Coming to the HEDNA conferences allows us to learn about new and not so new topics; have formal and informal discussions with existing and potential business partners and meet friends old and new.  For me, it´s  the best place to learn about our industry, network and do business. 
Cynthia Castillo, Head of Hotel Program & Customer Relationship Travel Services Business Group, Amadeus IT Group SA, HEDNA Board Member & Membership Chair (Madrid, Spain)

Throughout the course of my career, HEDNA has been an invaluable resource for me both professionally and personally.  In particular, the workshops and committee involvement really helped me learn and keep pace with many best practices regarding electronic distribution, primarily because the discussion is always at the reality level and driving toward solutions.  And of course, the relationships I have been privileged to develop help provide many more opportunities to approach someone to discuss specific issues, even when they may be difficult, and get problems resolved and solutions defined in a very productive manner, both for the benefit of one’s own company and often for the betterment of the hotel electronic distribution industry.  I truly believe that individuals that choose to operate in a bubble and not get involved at the industry level with HEDNA are missing an opportunity to hear different perspectives, expand their strategies, keep up with industry developments and, of course, develop long term industry relationships.
Keith Cotton, Vice President Connectivity, DerbySoft (Texas, USA)

Worldhotels is proud to actively participate with HEDNA because HEDNA is the premier association in the specialized sector of e-distribution in the hospitality industry. As a global hotel brand, we represent the unique needs of independent properties. HEDNA is the number one resource for strengthening our e-distribution partnerships as well as learning about new opportunities that are relevant to the needs of our portfolio. The collaborative spirit of the HEDNA membership enables us to express our industry aspirations with like-minded professionals and work towards common goals and objectives to improve the long-term hospitality landscape. HEDNA continues to add high value to our brand as well as business opportunities for the properties we represent.
Edward Perry, Global Senior Director of Social Media, OTA Partnerships and Innovation Projects, Worldhotels,  HEDNA Board Member & Secretary (Ontario, Canada)

I have been involved in HEDNA since 1993.  HEDNA is one of the key resources where I continue to learn about travel content distribution.  I have also been able to share the knowledge and expertise I have gained in my career.  I was involved in the original Education Committee, conducted many HEDNA U sessions, and served on the Board of Directors.  I always find value in HEDNA conferences, where industry participants and trading partners come together to exchange information, ideas and educate each other.  HEDNA is definitely a worthwhile investment in your business and employees.
John Walker, Hotel Product Marketing Manager, Sabre Travel Network (Texas, USA)

The senior positions that HEDNA members hold, coupled with their level of knowledge make the organisation an essential networking forum. Being involved in this cutting edge industry group has certainly helped to keep GTA at the forefront of the hotel distribution landscape.
Clive Wood, Head of Commercial - Hotel Chains & Supplier Integration, GTA (New York, USA)

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