What We Do - Working Groups

Key to HEDNA’s mission, member-led Working Groups explore and shape the hotel electronic distribution industry. Members identify critical areas in need of consideration and form groups to focus on specific projects. Active throughout the year, they generate invaluable resources and conduct meetings at HEDNA's annual conferences.


Members are encouraged to make a difference by participating. Visit the Members Only Site to get involved in the Working Group communities online.

Payment Technologies

The Payment Technologies Forum and its associated Working Groups address payment-related issues within the industry and identifies the need for standards in the areas of interfaces, databases, regulations and privacy. It aims to drive implementation of such standards in cooperation with distribution channels, banks, card schemes and payment technology providers and to promote the adoption of approved standards/guidelines by members.



The mission of the Metasearch Working Group is to inspire and equip the industry with the knowledge needed to effectively participate in the global metasearch landscape. The group facilitates the development of smooth processes for running meta campaigns and presenting hotels on meta, and encourages the adoption of metasearch in general.


Product and Property Onboarding Working Group

The Product and Property Onboarding Working Group is committed to increasing clarity in the switchover process. The group's current priority is to provide individual properties with guidelines and a process for notifying the GDSs and DHISCO to changes in representation and branding.



The China Working Group is comprised of representatives from China-based HEDNA member companies. The group is tasked with fostering additional growth in China and developing region-specific events.



The Mobile Working Group explores mobile technology’s value and helps to solve barriers to mobile entry in the hospitality industry. The group evaluates mobile’s role in customer acquisition and forecasting as well as how mobile can lead to a better understanding of the guest.

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