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Over the years, HEDNA’s working groups have both collected and developed a variety of resources to aid industry professionals in addressing key issues. The working group white papers are available for download using the links below.

Additionally, HEDNA offers members tools for their ongoing professional development, including conference materials and standards resources. Members can access the complete library of publications on the Members Only Site.

HEDNA White Papers 

Payments Trends and Future Best Practices in the Hotel Sector
Global Hospitality Payment Working Group, June 2017

Mobility, Distribution and Customer Friction
Mobile Working Group, June 2017

Heavy META: How to Optimize Your Presence on Metasearch
Metasearch Working Group, July 2014

Annual Reports (Members Only)

HEDNA 2016 Annual Report
HEDNA 2015 Annual Report
HEDNA 2014 Annual Report

Webinar Recordings (Members Only)

HEDNA Global Hospitality Payment Working Group Update - July 21, 2016
EMV Update for the US Lodging Industry - May 28, 2015

HEDNA Research Study (Members Only)

Hotels and Home Sharing, Atmosphere Research Group, 2015
What's Around Hospitality Distribution's Corner?, Atmosphere Research Group, 2015

DHISCO Hotel Content Database (HCD) Guidelines (Members Only)

Document Version 16.3, March 28, 2017

Payment Technologies Working Group Resources (Members Only)

HEDNA-HTNG Virtual Payment Cards: A Handbook for Hoteliers
EMV Chip Technology: A Quick Reference Guide for Hoteliers
Virtual Credit Card Handbook
Payment Trends and Opportunities in the Hotel Sector
MasterCard Security Rules and Procedures
American Express Merchant Reference Guide
VISA Front Desk Procedure Guide
Card Company Customer Care Centers

Standards Resources (Members Only)

Available GDS Hotel Chain Code Matrix, March 2017
Database Departments by Chain
Transition Request Sample Letter
GDS Dual Representation Exception Process
Emerging Issues Conversational
IDS Partner Checklist
DHISCO ODD Switchover Procedures
Structures Content Property Proposal
Switchover Procedures

Switchover Working Group Resources (Members Only)

Property Switchover Guidelines, May 2015

Connectivity Working Group Archive (Members Only)

CWG Edinburg Presentation, June 2013
CWG Las Vegas Presentations, December 2012
CWG Madrid Presentation, June 2012
CWG Webinar
CWG Push-Pull White Paper Overview, June 2013
White Paper: The Future of Shopping (English) (中文)
White Paper: Change Discovery Service (English) (中文)
White Paper: Push and Pull Connectivity Models for Hotel Distribution

Accessibility Resources (Members Only)

Accessible Room Guidelines

ADA Compliance (Members Only)

ADA Regulations for Reservations
ADA Title III Regulations

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