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HEDNA Global Hospitality Payment Working Group: Payments Trends and Future Best Practices in the Hotel Sector
The HEDNA Global Hospitality Working Group released a new white paper titled 'Payments Trends and Future Best Practices in the Hotel Sector', available now at
1 7/10/2017
HEDNA Mobile Working Group: Mobility, Distribution and Customer Friction
The HEDNA Mobile Working Group released a new white paper titled 'Mobility, Distribution & Customer Friction' available now on
1 7/5/2017
Abbreviations are not a Content Strategy
Looking for a hotel room with "polacc?" Or maybe you want to make sure it includes "lxbthtl" and "satchan?" Those are abbreviations your system might need to know if you are looking for pool access, luxury bath towels and satellite channels. But in an age where consumers can, with just a tap of their finger, watch live feeds from friends and family across the globe or use virtual reality to transport themselves anywhere in the world, content is king. And abbreviations no longer make an adequate content strategy.
1 4/25/2017
Good Translation Key to Staying in Global Marketplace
In our last few blogs, we shared insights on the content conundrum and the challenges of communicating hundreds of different and often confusing content entries about hotel rooms and amenities across the hospitality distribution chain. While those are issues that have been vexing he industry for years, they become exponentially more complex when it comes to translation.
1 7/5/2017
Solving the Hospitality Industry's 'Content Conundrum'
In the world of hospitality distribution, we often refer to the "content conundrum:" the challenge of taking images, property and room information and everything else consumers want to know about a hotel's services, rules and amenities and displaying them quickly - and accurately - during the booking process.
1 4/25/2017

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